KS2 - English – Christmas Tree Story

KS2 - English – Christmas Tree Story

Download Our English – KS2 – Story Pyramids and Structure – A Christmas Tree Story Worksheet Here

Learning Objectives

Writing - plan writing by discussing writing similar to that which they are planning to write in order to understand and learn from its structure


- Seven sticks in differing lengths •

- Little Christmas Tree by Ruth Symons and Jessica Courtney-Tickle

- Sticky notes

- Clipboards, paper and pencils


Read Little Christmas Tree as a class. Discuss the meaning, the characters, the plot and the solution.


Explain to the class they are going to make their own story, in the shape of a Christmas tree!

Explore the theory of a story pyramid with the class as follows.

At the top of the pyramid or tree should be the name of the character, the second layer should have 2 words to describe the character, 3 words to describe the setting, 4 words stating the story problem, one event in the story, 5 words describing an event in the story, 6 words describing a second event, 7 words describing a third event, and 8 words to describe the solution. Use the sticks to help demonstrate this and stick post it notes to each stick to show what component of the story the stick relates to.

Show the children a diagram to illustrate this and take outside a printed copy of this and the book.

Using the sticks, and as a class, write your own story, using the pyramid structure.

Extension Activity

The children should have access to the story pyramid structure, either by sitting near to the diagram on the playground, or a printed copy. Divide the class in to groups, and ask each group to share their story, and encourage each group to listen to comments and suggestions from the other group.

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