Outdoor Activities For Rainy Days

Outdoor Activities For Rainy Days

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outdoors with your children.

With the right, waterproof outdoor clothing and wellies, any of the activities below can be used to entertain the children on rainy days. Which one is your children's favourite?

1) Take a photo walk

Get out a water-resistant camera and take a walk through the woods or another scenic area. As long as your children are wearing their waterproofs, getting a little wet and muddy shouldn’t be a problem. When you’re all done, head home and make a hot drink. While your children dry off, you can upload the pictures they took on the walk, showing off how beautiful nature can be even on a rainy day. 

2) Rain art

You can use the rain as a tool for art and education. Have your children sprinkle construction paper with glitter, powdered paint, or food dye. Then tell them to step outside in their wellies and let the rain fall on their paper. When the children are satisfied with the resulting pattern, have them come back inside and dry off. Once the paper dries, you will have a unique and beautiful work of art that your kids can be proud of.

3) Play in the puddles

If your little ones have their wellies and waterproofs on, you don't have to worry too much about them getting cold and muddy in the rain. Children love the freedom of being able to splash in puddles and often are expecting authority figures to discourage this kind of fun, so it seems like something extra special if they're allowed to play this game. See who can splash the highest and give a prize to the winner! 

4) View the wildlife

There are a lot of interesting creatures that only come out when it's raining. Have your children put on their waterproofs and go out exploring. Find worms, slugs, frogs, and anything else that might be out enjoying the wet weather. Bonus points go to those who find something that they don't recognise. Take special note of those creatures so you can look up information about them later on.

5) Camp out

If you have a tent, set it up outside and listen to the rain fall on the roof. This can be a remarkably peaceful experience, and can also give a different outlook on the world. The tent can also serve as a base that you can use to perform other activities from. A little rain doesn't mean you have to stay inside. As long as youngsters dress appropriately, there is a whole world of fun to be had. These ideas are just a start – feel free to add your own as well!
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