7 Wonderful Rainy Day Outdoor Activities

7 Wonderful Rainy Day Outdoor Activities

Rain showers happen all year round in Britain. Although April is not the wettest month in terms of overall rainfall, the term ‘April Showers’ comes from the frequency of short, regular showers which are caused by a contrast in air temperature at different heights, particularly distinct in April.

At Muddy Puddles we believe in a good splash and a bit of mud, and being in the right kit to do so. However our commitment to children’s wellbeing doesn’t stop at providing wellies and waterproofs for such occasions. We strongly believe that a childhood should involve spending time outside and putting on Netflix at the first sight of rain shouldn't be the first thought! We’ve put together some ideas for outdoor rainy day activities (aside from puddle jumping of course!)

girl sitting in tree wearing waterproof jacket

1) Rain painting

Let nature help you create a masterpiece. Get creative and use marker pens to draw on paper then place the drawings out in the rain and watch the patterns it makes. Alternatively, take a piece of thick paper out in to the rain, let the rain soak the paper first and then get your little ones to drop food colouring on to the paper and watch the colours swirl and mix to make some lovely patterns.

2) Look for nature

Keep a look out for insects and other animals that love the rain like frogs, worms, ducks and snails. You might be able to spot some of these in your garden but keep an eye out on your walks too.

3) Make a rain gauge

Measuring the rain with a rain gauge is a fun activity for children. It’s a great way to get talking about the weather and your little explorers will love keeping a check on the gauge to see how much water is collected each day. We found a great guide here for making a rain gauge using recycled materials which you are likely to have at home.

children wearing waterproof jackets

4) Make a mud pie

When it’s raining outside there’s a plentiful supply of mud for creating the perfect mud pie. Don’t forget to decorate them with flowers, grass and leaves. You could always host a competition to see which child (or adult) can make the most appealing mud pie.

5) Mud painting

Grab a stick or some leaves and dip them in the mud. Then use them to paint paving stones, your driveway, the pavement or a wall and watch the mud melt away in the rain.

6) Fill up pots

Find a number of different sized bowls and containers and place them outside in the rain. Why not have a competition to see whose container fills up with rainwater first?

children wearing muddy puddles waterproofs

7) Stepping stones

Ask your little adventurers to find a selection of bricks, rocks and stones and see if they can make stepping stones or a bridge to cross a large puddle. Then why not celebrate by jumping in it?!
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