EYFS – Rainy Days Strike A Pose

EYFS – Rainy Days Strike A Pose

Download Our Foundation Stage – Rainy days number / strike a pose Worksheet Here

Learning Objectives


- Children count reliably with numbers from 1 to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number. Using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

Shape, space and measures:

- They recognise, create and describe patterns


- Waterproof clothing

- Water

- Spray bottles

- Number card templates or number stencils

- Chalks


- Show the children three shapes to make with their bodies, a star shape, a straight line and a circle (wrapped up).

- Ask the children to make the shapes as you call them out, and increase the speed of your call.

- Then arrange the children in a line, and make a repeating pattern with the children, one star shape, one straight line, one circle. Ask children in turn to come and look at the line of children, and vary some of the shapes and the order.


- Using a wall (concrete or dark in colour is ideal) ask the children to line up against the wall and ask them to make one of the shapes with their body and stay still! The pattern could repeat, or it could vary.

- Ensure the children are dressed in waterproofs, and they don’t mind being sprayed. Go down the line quickly, and spray the outline of the entire child (not their faces). Then the children can move and see the shape that has emerged on the wall!

- Discuss any shapes the children can identify along the line, and if there is a pattern. Number the top of each rain shape, and use the line as a number line. Ask the children to stand in front of their shape, and then find the shape that is one more, then one less. Then arrange the children horizontally at the start of the shape line, call out simple single digit addition and subtraction and jump together to answer!

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