10 Reasons the Outdoors Makes Us Happy

10 Reasons the Outdoors Makes Us Happy

We love getting out in the great outdoors during the autumn months. There are so many places to explore like local parks, forests and beaches.

We have put together 10 reasons the outdoors make us happy. Here is why being outdoors is great for you and your family.

girl sitting on tree branch

1) It improves our mood

Being in nature reduces stress-related hormones and makes us happier and calmer. A morning walk (if you have time) or an evening stroll is always a great idea. Spending just 20 minutes outside every day will improve your well-being and make you feel more relaxed.

2) It improves focus

Taking a break and heading outdoors helps us restore our focus and makes us more productive. If you or your children are having a hard time focusing, going for a walk together will surely make you feel better and more productive.

3) It helps us get exercise

A simple walk is a great exercise and you don't need any equipment to enjoy it. Encouraging children to walk from the earliest age promotes healthy growth and also introduces them to the enjoyment of regular physical exercise.

boy walking through forest

4) It boosts our energy

Being outside is a great way to boost those energy levels. Running around in the open air will make the most sluggish days feel better but don't worry, this effect will magically disappear by bedtime!

5) It keeps us away from the screen

We are all guilty of spending too much time on our phones, aren't we? Being outside is a great alternative to screen time. Plan a family outdoor adventure or simply go for a longer walk if you can.

6) It brings us closer together

Spending time outside together is a great way to bond as a family. Research suggests that families who spend more time outdoors together are happier and have better relationships.

girl leaning on tree

7) New experiences

New smells, sounds and views always make children happy and can keep them inspired. Being outside helps build independence, freedom and their sense of discovery as they take leaps and test their abilities while learning about nature and its inhabitants.

8) It is healthy

Being outside is not only a great way to spend a day, but it is also healthy and essential to our well-being and happiness. Being active lowers the risk of obesity and other lifestyle diseases and boosts our immune system.

9) It boosts vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for our bones and immune system, especially during childhood and we get most of it from sunlight exposure from around late March/early April to the end of September. This is why being outside is not only enjoyable but also important for our health. During the winter months, sunlight doesn't contain enough UVB radiation for our skin to be able to make vitamin D so it's important to eat a varied diet to ensure we get vitamin D from food sources.

10) It improves our sleep

Spending more time outside and being active in nature can improve the quality of our sleep. When children are outdoors, they tend to move more and vigorous exercise helps them get a better night's sleep. Natural light also helps reset our body clock and makes us feel more refreshed and rested in the morning, another great reason to take a morning walk with your little explorers.

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