8 Reasons to Walk to School

8 Reasons to Walk to School

Physical activity is a brilliant way to start your morning. Walking to school is both fun and beneficial for the whole family. It's a fantastic way for you and your children to stay healthy, active and happy.

According to campaigners Living Streets, 'A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school - now it's less than half'. To mark Walk to School Week, we've put together a number of benefits of walking your children to school.

1) Stay healthy

Walking to school is a great form of exercise for you and your children. It reduces the risk of obesity and heart disease, improves mood and generally does wonders for your young adventurer’s health. It also helps to create good habits for an active lifestyle. Plus all that extra activity should help children feel more tired in the evenings, leading to a better nights sleep.

2) It's fun

Walking to school is much more fun than driving. Your children can spot lots of interesting things on their way to school and will get more familiar with the neighbourhood. Plus, what better than some early morning puddle splashing on a rainy day before a long day of classes?... just remember to take a good pair of wellies

3) Planet friendly

Swapping driving for walking is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions. It's a good way to introduce little ones to the importance of protecting our planet. Walking to school even once or twice a week makes a real difference and means the only footprints you'll be leaving are your own!

4) It helps children learn

Walking is great for mental health. It releases feel good hormones, helping to boost our mood and can help your little explorers start the day with a calm mind. Physical activity helps your children learn and boosts their performance in class. After a good walk, they will arrive to school feeling refreshed, happy and ready to start their day. 

5) Improves confidence

Walking to school makes your children feel more independent and in control. It teaches them road safety, basic navigation skills (let them lead the way) and helps them feel more confident. Before allowing your children to walk to school on their own, make sure they are ready and have all the required road safety skills.

6) More family time

Some quality time spent with your children on the way to school is a great start to the day. Taking a walk with them in the morning will help you focus only on them and help you feel closer as a family. 

7) Goodbye traffic

Nothing is more stressful than getting stuck in traffic, especially when you are in a rush in the morning. Swap your car for a pair of comfortable shoes and enjoy your morning walk as a family. Plus you won't need to hunt for a parking space - what a relief!

8) It’s for everyone

It is never too early or too late to start walking to school. It is also for everyone – no special or expensive equipment is needed. Just a pair of comfortable shoes (or wellies for splashing on rainy days) and a waterproof jacket in case of a sudden downpour will be enough.

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