5 Super Simple And Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

5 Super Simple And Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner! For spooky fun, find out how to make these simple Halloween crafts.

Here are our favourite Halloween crafts to make with your children. Have a fang-tastic time!

1) Pumpkin apple stamps

You’ve loved our potato stamps so we’re back with another easy stamp idea. Pumpkin apple stamps are perfect for Halloween and we’re sure your little ones will love making them.

You’ll need:

- Apples

- Orange and green paint

- Paint brushes

- 2 paper plates

- Sheet of white paper


- Cut your apples in half

- Put some orange paint on a paper plate and some green paint on the other

- Pretend the inside of the apple is a stamp: dip it in orange paint and stamp it on white paper

- Finally, paint a leaf and stem of the top of your pumpkins using green paint and a paint brush – your pumpkin apple stamps are ready! 

2) Halloween lanterns

These easy mason jar Halloween lanterns will make your home look super Halloween-y. Plus, they’re so easy to make and really spooky!  You’ll need: - A couple of big, clean jam jars - Orange tissue paper - PVA glue - Black paper - Artificial tea lights Instructions: - Cut your tissue paper in squares, cover the jar in glue and apply the tissue paper. - Cut Jack O’Lantern faces out of black paper and glue them on the tissue paper - To finish, place the artificial tea lights inside.

3) Tangerine pumpkins – healthy Halloween snack

You’ll only need 2 ingredients to make these fun and healthy Halloween snacks
 Photo credit brendid.com
You’ll need: - A few tangerines - Celery stalks Instructions: - Peel your tangerines - Cut 1 or 2 celery stalks into small pieces - Insert the celery in the middle of each tangerine so that they look like pumpkin stems

4) Paper plate pumpkins

These spooky paper plate pumpkins are super easy to make. Even the smallest adventurers can make them with (almost) no assistance.  You’ll need: - Paper plates - Black paper or marker - Green paper - Orange paint - Scissors - Glue - Googly eyes Instructions: - Cover your plates in orange paint - Glue on the googly eyes - Cut out the shape of mouth and nose from black paper or draw them with a black marker - Cut out a stalk from green paper and glue it on - Your paper plate pumpkin is ready!

5) Wooden spoon bats

These lovely wooden spoon bats are such an easy Halloween craft - perfect for the little artists  You’ll need: - Wooden spoons - Black paper - Googly eyes - A piece of white paper - Glue - Paint in different colours Instructions: - Paint your spoons and let them dry - Cut bat wings from black paper. Tip: fold the paper in half, draw a bat wing shape and cut it out. Attach the googly eyes to the spoon. - Cut two bat ears from black paper (two small triangles) and glue them to the top of the spoon - Cut two fangs from white paper (two small triangles) and glue them to the spoon - Add googly eyes - Your bats are ready!
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