EYFS – English – Stick Man, Oh Stick Man!

EYFS – English – Stick Man, Oh Stick Man!

Learning Objectives

ELG 06 Personal, social and emotional development: self-confidence and self-awareness : Children are confident to speak in a familiar group, will talk about ideas for a story and the resources needed.

ELG10 Literacy: Writing: children can write their own simple Stick Man stories


An area that will have some small sticks and natural materials, PVA glue, wiggly eyes, paper and pencil, tuff tray and tarp.


Read the story ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson to the group. Take the children outside in to a natural area that will have some sticks on the ground, and allow them to choose a small stick ( tip – keep them smaller than the child’s forearm so they can be brought back in to the indoor space!)


Set up an area where they children can stick some wiggly eyes on their chosen stick. While the glue dries, the children have time to hunt for some additional natural items that might feature in their storytelling. Allow them to take the lead, they may want an additional stick, leaves for a blanket, pine cones to be a tree or an animal. Lay out a tarp for them to place their treasures on, and encourage them to lay their treasures in a sequence, which shows the beginning, middle and end of their stories. Ask the children to tell the story of their stick man, allowing them time and space to act it out. Sit with the child and write out the story, as they say it, in their own words. When each child has finished, ask the child next to them if there is anything else they would like to know about their friends Stick Man?

Extension Ideas

Take pictures of the items the children found and take your scribed story to make a small story book for each child. Make a display or a provocation in a tuff tray inside from their items, and allow them time to play imaginatively with them.

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