KS2 – English – Super Sentences

KS2 – English – Super Sentences

Download Our Key Stage 2 – English – Super Sentences Worksheet Here

Learning Objective

- To draft and write by composing and rehearsing sentences orally (including dialogue), progressively building a varied and rich vocabulary and an increasing range of sentence structures. (from National curriculum: English – Year 3)


- Stones

- Sharpie pens

- Bags


- Ask children to collect 3 stones each.

- Ask them to think about objects, places and characters that regularly occur in stories e.g. castle, king, beach, mountains and animals.

- Ask children to draw pictures of story motifs on the stones using sharpie pens. Children to draw one character, one place and one object.


Story stones

- Put all the children’s illustrated stones into separate bags. (one for characters, one for places and one for objects)

- Children to sit in a circle.

- Ask children to pick out 1 stone from each bag.

- Give children time to think of a story inspired by the stones.

- Children to then share their story or sentence (for younger children) with the group.

- Top tip! This task can be extended by asking one child to pick out three stones and provide the first sentence. Each subsequent child can provide the next sentence in the story.

- Set up a stage and ask children to act out a story inspired by the stones!

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