How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt

How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Looking for fun outdoor activities to enjoy with your little adventurers this summer? Why not try a fun, family scavenger hunt?

Whether you’re on the beach, in the woods, by the river or in the city, you can go scavenging pretty much anywhere you like. It's a great way to get your children outdoors this summer. Make sure you have the right kit with you like a pair of trusty wellies and a waterproof jacket (we all know how unpredictable British weather can be!…)

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Organising a scavenger hunt is as easy as one, two and three. Simply draw up a list of things for the little ones to find and send them off to search. You can set a time limit to make the hunt even more competitive.

There are lots of things to search for on a scavenger hunt:

  • Plants and trees
  • Something beginning with each letter of your child's name
  • Animals
  • Colours

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Organising a nature scavenger hunt is a great idea - Simply go for a walk to the nearest park or to the woods (your back garden will also do the job), bring a spotting sheet and a couple of pencils and ask your children to find the animals and the plants listed on the spotting sheet. You can even prepare your own spotting sheet depending on the season and the area where your scavenging adventure is taking place.

The objective of the scavenger hunt is to make observations of animals, plants and objects and simply have lots of fun outside. There is nothing like outdoor learning and your brave explorers might even discover new species!

Another brilliant idea is to organise a colour scavenger hunt. Choose a few colours you want the children to hunt for, draw little squares with coloured markers on a white paper bag and ask the children to put the treasures they find in the bag.

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Need more ideas?

  • Why not try a picnic scavenger hunt? Simply go for a family picnic and prepare a list of things to spot for your young adventurers. It can be a plant, an animal or even a hidden snack.
  • Foraging for food is a yummy way to have fun outdoors. Look out for berries, plants or herbs and enjoy a healthy snack at home.
  • Bird watching - you will be surprised how many different bird species can be seen out in the wild. They hide in the trees and bushes and are waiting to be discovered. Prepare your own birds spotter sheet (or use this one) and ask the children to spot as many different types of birds as possible. You might even spot a mysterious creature you have never seen before.
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