10 Tips For Family Festivals

10 Tips For Family Festivals

Thinking about taking your children along to a festival this summer? Read our summer festival survival guide for parents for our top tips.

Here are our top 10 tips for taking children to festivals. Read on and be inspired!

1) Involve children in the build up

Show them photos of the festival site being built. It helps them to appreciate the magnitude of the festival and the work that goes into it. Get them familiar with some of the music they're likely to hear. You can share a countdown with your little ones and look forward to attending the festival together. 

2) Pack those waterproofs

As a certain friend of ours said some years ago, wearing flip flops to a festival is definitely a terrible idea. Even with the promise of everlasting sunshine over the festival weekend, wellies and children's lightweight waterproofs are an absolute necessity. We highly recommend bringing our brilliant EcoLight Jacket. Convenient and packable into its own pocket, you can easily carry this mac by hanging it onto your backpack by its own carabiner.

3) Prepare your children for sleeping in a tent

If you decide to sleep in a tent and your little ones have never slept under the stars before, you should help them prepare for what it’s going to be like. Consider setting up a tent in your garden — you can then play games in the tent, and maybe even have a sleepover so they won’t be too worried when you pitch up at the festival.

4) Book family-friendly accommodation

Find out where the family camping is and if you need to pre-book it. Lots of festivals offer family-friendly accommodation or quieter campsites for families so your children can take a nap when they need to. 

5) Bring a small trailer

...or something that you can use to help transport all your stuff from the car to where you are camping. You can then pimp this up and make it a really comfy, cosy little den for the kids to rest or sleep in when they need to. It is also much easier for transporting your children when they have outgrown the buggy yet are still too little to want to trek for anything over 20 minutes.

6) Plan family-friendly activities

Find out what's going on (and when) in the kids' field and what it is that you don't want to miss yourselves. Have a vague plan of action so you don't miss the must-see stuff, but also be prepared to go with the flow. Family-friendly festivals are usually packed with lots of fun activities for children of all ages and their parents. We're sure you won't have time to get bored!

7) Bring healthy snacks

Take loads of bread sticks, oat cakes, yo-yo bears or whatever other popular snacks you have at home. Hungry children are angry children.

8) Safety first

On arrival make sure each child is wearing a wrist band with your name and phone number on it, just in case. And make sure your children know where the meeting place is if they get lost.

9) Bring sun cream

The forecast may not be balmy, but you know how fast British weather can change. Bring sun cream, which you can put on in the tent first thing and stay protected all day without having to worry.

10) Enjoy!

Find somewhere away from the main stages that's playing fun music and have a family dance. Enjoy being with your loved ones and make amazing memories.

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