Top 6 Benefits Of Skipping

Top 6 Benefits Of Skipping

Need more ideas to keep growing explorers busy at home? Skipping is a great way to keep them entertained and active. Plus it is free and only requires very little space - perfect for the garden or even indoors.

Skipping, a classic childhood pastime that has been enjoyed for hundreds of generations and can be traced back to 1600AD Egypt where the Egyptians used vines for jumping. No wonder this activity is still enjoyed by many growing explorers as it is not only fun but also has a number of benefits that can help children’s development and progression. So what are the benefits of skipping?

1) Improves coordination

Coordination refers to working arms and legs in a coordinated, effective way. This is incredibly important for children of a young age to complete everyday activities in school and out, from tying up their shoelaces to playing sport. You can get creative with skipping songs and games once your child has mastered the basics and help them develop this even more.

2) Improves fitness

Skipping is a fantastic option for improving cardiovascular fitness and endurance for other sports your little ones may want to practice. The footwork skills, power and agility for explosive movements and quick directional changes can help train for competitive sports such as tennis, football, rugby or netball.

3) Aids brain development

Jumping aids both the right and left sides of your growing explorer's brain. It can improve reading skills, spatial awareness and make them more mentally alert, all very important factors for focus and creativity.

4) Improves the ability to stay calm

By working their brain and body at the same time, skipping can help your young explorers to remain calm in stressful situations. This is very helpful in an educational environment or when working and playing with others.

5) Fun and affordable activity

It’s portable and can be done absolutely anywhere! All you need is a skipping rope and a pair of shoes (or wellies if you're jumping in puddles!). All it needs is a small space so skipping is the perfect way for them to burn off some energy.

6) Improves creativity

Skipping improves children's creativity - there are so many ways of using a skipping rope and turning it into a fun activity! There are no complex rules and guidelines to follow so skipping is the perfect imaginative play for children. To keep your children safe, make sure they are using good quality skipping ropes of appropriate length for their height.
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