Top Tips for Getting Festival Ready

Top Tips for Getting Festival Ready

So, you’ve booked your tickets but what now? Whether it’s your first time at a festival, or your first time as a family, our friends at Just So Festival have shared their top tips on getting festival ready.

First up, have a good read of the info pages on the festival’s website. Make sure you know when the campsite opens, how you’re going to get there and read up on any special traditions the festival has. Read on for more tips....

1) A tent with a porch is a must

Perfect for kicking off muddy wellies, sheltering from the rain and having a shady spot for those sunny afternoons, a porch is the perfect multi-function space for hanging out (and that all-important storage!).

2) Activities!

We know you’re headed to a festival to soak up all the fun on offer, but if you’re hoping to catch a headliner or make your way to a midnight feast, you’ll want to bring a few bits and bobs to keep little ones occupied during some down time back at camp. Colouring books and card games are lightweight ways to make sure you’ve got some fun prepared for those quieter moments.

3) Snacks

Bring all of the snacks! As wonderful and varied as festival food is, those crepes and noodle boxes all start to add up. To make sure you’re ready to go in the face of hungry little ones, pack a bunch of cereal bars and other lightweight snacks and drinks to keep you going in between feasts. Concentrated squash in a squeezy bottle is a fantastic space saver to jazz up the contents of your reusable water bottle.

4) Don’t trust the weather forecast!

Make sure you’re prepared for rain or shine, or the very likely combination of the two. Check out Muddy Puddles’ online store for wet weather bits to keep your little ones warm and dry, and don’t forget the sun cream (you never know!).

5) Get yourself a camping wagon

Perfect for getting your gear from car to campsite, little ones from A to B and the perfect spot for impromptu naps. Add some fluffy blankets and weave some solar powered fairy lights around the top and you’ve got yourselves a dry, cosy haven for those who may be all partied out. Also, more storage!

6) Fancy dress!

All festivals have their own traditions (Just So Festival’s Carnival of the Animals is near to our hearts) but a little fancy dress goes a long way to upping the wow factor for your family’s festival weekend. From face paints to full costumes or even a themed onesie, there’s heaps of Pinterest boards out there with creative ideas that won’t break the bank. And it’s a fun way to keep little hands busy in the lead up to your big adventure.

Have a magical summer festival goers!

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