Our Top Tips for Pond Dipping

Our Top Tips for Pond Dipping

Pond dipping is a fun activity and a great way of exploring nature and learning more about the natural world with your children.

Ponds are fascinating for children, with various wildlife on show all throughout the year. They are excellent for introducing nature and inspiring children to connect with different types of creatures which may be swimming through the water. Have a look at our top pond dipping tips and spend an exciting day outdoors with your family.

girl pond dipping

Pond dipping is one of our favourite activities to enjoy outside in the fresh air. But with water ahead, it is very important to keep your young explorers safe and comfortable to ensure they can enjoy and learn as much as possible. Therefore we thought we would share our top tips for pond dipping. Be sure to let your explorers know what to do and how to behave when dipping. Enjoy!

Basic pond dipping rules:

1) Safety first

Pond dipping is a great activity for groups to take part in and we are sure your little adventurers will love it. Before you start, talk to the children about pond safety and set up guidelines - don’t go too close, don’t climb in and don’t go past the barrier. It is likely they will be stationed close to the water, either on a small bank aside the pond or a jetty – these give the best view. Therefore, make sure they are careful around the edges, no running or pushing or general fooling around, we all know what they can be like. When you have finished, make sure everyone washes their hands and remember to wash your equipment, too.

2) Keep out deep water

We wouldn’t recommend a quick dip in there… might be a bit nippy! Shallow water however shouldn’t be a problem. Keep hold of your little ones, stick on their wellies and let them have a closer look.

children pond dipping

3) Look but don’t touch

Some of the pond-life could well give your little one a bit of a nasty nip so make sure your children don't touch any of the pond creatures. When you have finished, remember to return all water and its inhabitants to the pond.

4) Bring the right equipment

Like for anything taking place outside, the correct pond dipping kit is essential.

We recommend:

  • A net
  • Magnifying collection glass/pots – your children may want a closer look at some of the crawlies and some may be on the smaller side, therefore a magnifying glass is really helpful
  • Wellies and waterproofs – never trust British weather - one moment it may be sunny, another, raining cats and dogs. Wellies or waterproof trousers are particular helpful for this activity, especially for the more adventurous or enthusiastic dippers
  • Camera or paper and pencils to take pictures or draw the pond creatures

5) Have fun!

Pond dipping is a great chance to introduce your children to the joys of natural water life and it is so fun and relaxing. Have a look at our safety tips, pack your equipment and get ready for a wonderful family day out.
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