Tree Dressing - EYFS

Tree Dressing - EYFS

Learning Objective - EYFS Communication and Language

Listening and attention: children listen attentively in a range of situations.

Managing feelings and behaviour: children talk about how they and others show feelings.


  • String, ribbon, pine cones, brightly coloured wool, prepared lengths of popcorn garlands, old shiny baubles.

  • The Gift of Christmas – Christine Leeson and Gaby Hansen

  • Blankets and cushions to sit on

  • Camera


Gather together outside and settle down with the blankets and cushions. Read aloud The Gift of Christmas.


Have a class discussion about how Molly was feeling at certain times in the story. Ask the children if they have felt like that before? Compare Mollys’ feelings about not being able to use any of her found treasures, to how she felt at the end. What made Molly feel happy?

Have all the natural materials laid out on a sheet and divide the group in to three or four groups.

Ask the children to choose a tree to decorate as a group, and they can use the supplied decorations, or look around for their own decorations to use. Remind the group to share, and remember how all the animals came together to help Molly decorate her tree.

As the groups are decorating their trees, talk about how the natural materials they have chosen might also be a gift to the wildlife, especially the pine cones and the popcorn garland.

Regroup and visit each tree, taking photos of the group with their decorated Christmas tree.


Either in groups or as a class, take a walk around the school grounds. Allow each student to find a ‘tiny treasure’ either a leaf, a pine cone, or natural item they find on their walk around the woods, which can either be stuck on some paper, or hung directly on their tree at home.

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