Cleaning and caring for your Muddy Puddles Waterproofs

Cleaning and caring for your Muddy Puddles Waterproofs

Our Muddy Puddles waterproofs and outdoor wear are built to last, but the unpredictable British weather means your little adventurers can pick up some pretty stubborn stains.

We’ve put together a handy guide on how to wash and care for your outdoor clothing and keep your little ones warm and dry, whatever the weather.

girl wearing waterproof puddlesuit at beach

EcoSplash, EcoWarm, EcoLight, Scampsuits, Parkas, Ski & Originals Waterproofs

These styles have a durable water repellent (DWR) coating which means water will bead off the fabric while maintaining its breathability and warmth. This DWR layer can wear away over time which means they need to be looked after carefully.

The DWR performance can be affected by fabric conditioner, so it’s important not to use it and to watch out for washing tabs or liquid that have built in fabric conditioner. We would recommend using a small amount of gentle liquid detergent, on a normal cycle at 30°C. Before putting your clothing into the washing machine, shake off any loose dirt, fully close zips or fastenings and remove any fur trims. When the wash is finished, leave your garments out to air dry in a warm place, an airing cupboard is ideal.

You can buy specialty DWR washing and caring products which are designed to wash and replenish the waterproof coating. To check if the DWR coating has worn off, spray a small amount of water onto the fabric. If the water beads off it is still performing as it should. If it soaks in, you will need to apply another layer of DWR. We recommend Nikwax and OrganoTex – both have spray and wash-in options, that are simple to use and kind to the environment.

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Puddleflex, Rainy Day and Puffertech Waterproofs

These garments are different in hand feel and look, as the PU coating (almost rubber like) is sprayed into the fabric, making them extremely durable and very waterproof.  This makes them perfect for forest schools.

They can be very easily sponged or sprayed down if they are very muddy – we would recommend doing if possible, instead of washing them.  Please remember that any mud on the surface of the fabric won’t affect the waterproofing, if anything it’s the sign of a great day spent outdoors!

However if you would prefer to machine wash them, they can be washed in the same way as our other waterproofs, with a mild liquid detergent at 30°C. When you take them out of the washing machine, any excess water can be removed from the surface with a towel or kitchen paper to speed up the drying process. Please note, these PU items must not come into contact with direct heat. If you have our Puddleflex or Puffertech items, it works well to let the outer fabric dry first and then turn them inside out to speed up the inner fleece and padding drying time.

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Cleaning and caring for your Muddy Puddles Wellies

Starting at the top and working your way down, simply wipe your wellies with a clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water, wiping away any mud and grass. 

Leave them to dry naturally away from direct heat or extreme sunlight as this can dry out and crack the rubber. Try not to leave boots outside during icy winters as this can also damage the rubber.

If boots get wet or dirty inside - clean with a damp cloth and then leave to dry naturally or stuff with newspaper to speed up the drying process.

To increase their lifespan, use a rubber boot protector every few weeks and keep them away from any extreme temperatures to maintain the strength of the boots.

Always clean clothing and outdoor wear according to the manufacturer's instructions and remember to air dry naturally away from any artificial heat sources. Following these easy steps, your child's outdoor clothing will last for many more years of muddy fun!

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