Where My Wellies Take Me - EYFS Literacy

Where My Wellies Take Me - EYFS Literacy

Learning Objective - EYFS Literacy

Writing: children use their phonic knowledge

Making relationships: They take account of one another’s ideas about how to organise their activity

Understanding: children follow instructions involving several ideas or actions


Where My Wellies Take Me by Clare and Michael Morpurgo

A3 paper (with story map drawn on)

Colouring pencils

Punched pocket or envelope for each child


Introduce Where My Wellies Take Me.

Share a selection of poems from the text.

Tell children that the writers loved walking through the countryside as children and can still remember what they saw now they are grown ups.

Talking partners – children to discuss what sort of things you can see in the countryside.


Put children in pairs.

Give each pair a story map, colouring pencils, glue and punched pocket or envelope

Tell children that they are going to create a record of their walk to help them remember their experience.

Ask children to take a walk through the natural area and record what they see on their journey.

Children can choose to record their experiences by writing words (e.g. tree, mud, ladybird), drawing or sticking on natural found objects like leaves.


Encourage children to think of adjectives to describe what they can see e.g. squelchy mud.

Create a word bank of adjectives to help create a class poem chronicling the children’s walk through the countryside.


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