Travelling with Kids on a Ski Holiday

Travelling with Kids on a Ski Holiday

It' s almost holiday time. Your holiday clothes are starting to pile up in the bedroom and the kids are starting to ask 'How many sleeps until holiday time!' How can travelling with kids be made easier?

Travelling with children certainly requires planning, organisation and bribery! Especially on ski holidays! As a family run company here at Mountain Mavericks, we have had lots of experience travelling with children.

boy wearing burgundy parka in frosty woodland

Packing for any holiday can be a nightmare. If you are going to a ski resort, it is essential that you bring suitable snow gear and layers! To make sure your little one is as comfortable and as cosy as possible, I would recommend good quality, warm waterproof outerwear; with layers underneath. Make sure you pack plenty of fleece layers, hats, neck warmers, thermals and thermal socks. Thermal, waterproof snow boots and gloves are also a must, as there's so much fun to be had playing in the snow. Pocket sized sunblock, lip balm, tissues and a snack are also a must when you are on the slopes with your children.  

If you are travelling with babies, do be careful with the outside temperature, make sure they are warm enough and as soon as you get back inside a hot chalet, remove as many layers straight away. To save bringing all the baby equipment on the flight, Mountain Mavericks make your journey hassle free. We can provide anything you need baby-wise; from sterilisers to sleeping bags and pushchairs (with foot muffs) to age specific toys. We even provide baby hampers which include all the nappies you will need for the week, plus wipes and lovely baby lotions and from Neal's Yard.

After you have checked in at the airport, I would recommend letting them run around as much as possible before getting on the flight! Most airports, such as the Geneva departures lounge, now have a great soft play area. However, taking them for a wander to look at the planes setting off etc works just as well. As long as they don't run off! Once you have made it onto the flight, and almost buckled in, having their favourite treat on hand, or a surprise sticker book ready, helps to keep them entertained! Easy Jet do a great kids snack box, which keeps them happy for a good while... healthy options and colouring!  If you have done your research for resorts with short transfers, you probably came across Morzine; where Mountain Mavericks is based. With the transfer being just over an hour, it's a perfect distance for travelling with little ones. Transfer companies such as Skiddy Gonzales ensure that the correct child seat is fitted, so you don't have to worry about bringing your car seats with you.

children wearing parkas in frosty woodland

Emma, Mum of four and head honcho of Mountain Mavericks, has some top tips to share:

  • Pack lots of layers and extra sets of thermals.
  • Find a play area in the airport.
  • Hide chocolate buttons in your hand-luggage, to coax the children into putting their belt on! (works for me!)
  • Always pack an extra pair of waterproof gloves. You are bound to loose one!
  • Check with your chalet company before you bring all your children's favourite toys. They may have everything!
  • Put an emergency contact card in your child's coat pocket, in case your child gets lost at the airport or on the slopes.
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