Toddler Thermals

Toddler Thermals

Cosy Thermals for Toddlers

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Mix and match our cosy thermals which can be worn on their own or worn as an additional layer to keep your little one warm and snug in the coldest conditions.

Important facts about our toddler thermals

If you want your little one to keep warm whilst adventuring the outdoors, make sure it's Muddy Puddles they are wearing. We have the whole gang covered – browse our range of toasty boys thermals and base layers for girls.

Cosy and Warm

It can be a challenge to keep little bodies warm in the icy cold. Layer up toddlers with thermal base layers that keep warm circulating around the body but wick moisture away to remove sweat. Pair their thermals with our weatherproof suits, designed to keep them warm and happy while they’re playing outdoors.