Shop our new range of children's waterproof sandals, from Salt-Water Sandals.

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We're bringing you our new range of stylish children's sandals from Salt-Water Sandals, with waterproof leather uppers, perfect for all your Summer adventures.

Here’s what you need to know about our Sandals collection:

Children will love our new collection of waterproof leather sandals, available in sizes 8 infant - 2 youth.

Waterproof protection

All of our sandals feature waterproof leather uppers, making them perfect for wearing on the beach, by the pool, or for everyday wear.

Good for the planet

As a brand, we want to be as sustainable as possible. Our new collection is, as always, super durable and perfect for passing on.

Designed to stand out

Our range is designed using bold,
eye-catching, unisex prints. Bursting with vibrant colours and fun prints, our
waterproofs and swimwear will make your children stand out.