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We're bringing you our new range of bright and super waterproof raincoats and puddle suits using cutting-edge recycled fabrics. Get ready for adventure in every type of bad weather with our new collection of children's waterproofs!

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Here’s what you need to know about our new Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Young explorers will love their outdoor adventures with our brand new range of childrens raincoatsall-in-onestrousers and swimwear.

Maximum protection whatever the weather

We have worked carefully developing the very best protective waterproofs and accessories that will allow your children to explore nature come rain or shine (and get them home warm and dry from school in a sudden downpour). Our raincoats, puddle suits and trousers are all waterproof (up to 5,000mm or 10,000mm) and will keep little ones dry and warm as they roam outdoors. Moreover, our products feature super waterproof linings, ribbed cuffs, adjustable elasticated underfoot stirrups, taped seams, secure hoods and are designed to keep little explorers happy and comfortable when playing outside whatever the weather.

Child-led designs and clever details

Our waterproofs and accessories are designed to protect young explorers against the elements and made to withstand the rough and tumble of outdoor play. Every lining and inner fabric is always soft and non-itchy so children are happy to put it on. We combine these essentials with thumb hole loops that keep out the wind, secure yank proof zips to withstand lots of wear and tear and an infinite number of other details depending on the item.

Good for you, good for the Planet

Every year we explore new ways to make our products more eco-friendly and sustainable and we continue to put great emphasis on sustainability.

Designed to stand out from the crowd

Created in a range of brilliant colours and playful, bright prints, your children will stand out from the crowd and you will be able to quickly pick them out at the park or in the playground.