10 reasons why the British love wellies

10 reasons why the British love wellies

We are made of rubber and it’s hard to survive a rainy day without us. What are we?

Here's to Wellington Boots, the Nation’s favourite footwear! So why do we love them so much? Here are our 10 reasons why Brits love wellies.

1) “I’m singing in the rain…”

262, 256, 250… What do these mysterious numbers mean? Nothing particularly scary, these are just the average rainy days per year in the UK’s wettest cities. Quite impressive, isn’t it? The most obvious reason why Brits love wellies is, not surprisingly, rain. Thanks to this humble rubber boot, a rainy day doesn’t have to mean a day spent indoors. 

2) The Royals love wellies

Members of the Royal Family were photographed wearing Wellington boots many, many times. Have you ever dreamt of being a Royal? Now you can be one! Go for a long walk in the countryside with your little adventurers and make sure you all wear a pair of comfy wellies!

3) Paddington Bear loves wellies

The nation’s favourite marmalade sandwich-loving furry friend, Paddington Bear wears a uniform consisting of a blue duffle coat, a battered suitcase (complete with a secret compartment, enabling it to hold more items than it would appear to), a bush hat and, of course, a pair of red wellies.

4) They are perfect for children

Thanks to wellies, rain and mud won’t stop your little ones from playing outdoors! They will keep their feet dry and you’ll be sure your kids are having fun without the risk of catching a cold. Childhood is all about splashing in puddles, isn’t it? Every little Puddlestomper will surely agree! 

5) They will brighten up your day

The weather outside need not to bring you down? Wellies in bright, joyful colours and fun patterns will surely put a smile on your face! Check out our lovely wellies for children of all ages here.

6) They are full of history!

Popularised by the 1st Duke of Wellington himself in the 19th century, they were also worn by the British aristocracy for hunting and other outdoor activities. Wellies are not only useful, they also have a rich heritage and are another British invention to be proud of! 

7) They are resistant and will serve you for a long time

Even if you have a bunch of little ones trying really hard, destroying a pair of good quality Wellingtons is not that easy - great news for all the mums! These boots are made to last, pass on to smaller siblings or friends and super easy to clean.

8) They complete every sport’s day

Have you ever heard of welly wanging? It’s a sport in which competitors throw wellington boots as far as possible. Official Welly Wanging World Championships are held in Upperthong Village. How long until it becomes an Olympic discipline?

9) They are comfy

Good quality wellies can be worn all day long and for all sorts of different occasions from hiking, days out with the family, farm visits or walks to school on rainy days. 

10) They have their own television series

Does anyone remember “William’s Wish Wellingtons”, a BBC TV-series for children from the 90s? Apparently, wellies not only protect your feet, but they can also make your wish come true! What’s not to love? Not convinced yet? Discover our brilliant range of children’s wellies and we’re sure you will fall in love!
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