Do you want to build a snowman?

Inspired by the snow and mountains, we’ve been having a crack at making a snowman indoors. I’d read somewhere that mixing cornflour and shaving foam can make a wonderful fake snow, and it does! Shaving foam, corn flour and a 20 month old? “Is she crazy” I hear you ask? Probably, but we had a brilliant time and got fabulously messy. Though I’d definitely suggest wrapping your own little ones in something like The Originals All in One or Coverall! What you need:
  • Cornflour and Shaving foam
  • A flat and preferably deep container to mix the “snow” in
  • Bits and bobs to decorate the snowman, we used raisins and an old bit of ribbon
You might also want to use:
  • A big mat for the floor
  • Overalls for the children
  • Baby wipes or a bucket of warm water and a cloth before those messy hands put shaving foam all over the house
  • Some cups to play in the “snow”
How we did it: I poured practically a whole box of cornflour into the tray and we added the shaving foam little by little, just experimenting and seeing what worked best.  We ended up with a really strange, bouncy consistency which was a real sensory experience in itself.  We then moulded our mixture into our little snowman and decorated! Simple. Having a go yourself? We’d love to see what you come up with!
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