Muddy Puddles And Mucky Adventures In Roald Dahl's Magical World

Muddy Puddles And Mucky Adventures In Roald Dahl's Magical World

In recognition of the Roald Dahl Day we wanted to celebrate some of the most gloriously mucky moments in his books.

As most of us in the office are not lucky enough to be discovering them for the first time, we turned to some of the young mudders we know to pick their favourite muddy moments. Then we had a think about how Muddy Puddles products could have played a part.

Read on for our shortlist of muddy extracts and how we think a Muddy Puddles splash suit would have come in the most handy to keep the fun alive without the dirt getting in the way.

1) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The sublime moment when Augustus Gloop falls in the chocolate river when he tries to take a sip. Imagine if he had been covered up from top to toe - perhaps he would have spring out of the river on the other side pulled off his waterproofs and rejoined the tour! 

2) George’s Marvellous Medicine

We can not see a way that this fabulous potion which turned his evil granny in to a giant. However could he have dodged being by his parents. Imagine him making the mixture while wearing a protective clothing. He could have whipped it off when his parents got home and pleased blissful ignorance…. 

3) BFG

We don’t know about you but whenever we read the BFG, we really feel for Sophie in her nighty - she must be so so cold….! Get her a nice winter coat for Giant Country.

4) The Twits

There’s an early moment in The Twits when four naughty little boys creep in to their garden and climb the tree but then get caught with Mr Twits glue. Wouldn’t it have been fabulous (and less embarrassing) if they were wearing waterproof trousers as they could have slipped out of these no problem and raced down the road still wearing their trousers. 

5) Dirty Beasts

When it comes to Roald Dahl’s poems Dirty Beasts and you had to imagine going near them then a sturdy pair of wellies to help you run as far away from all of them as ‘no animal is half as vile as Crocky Wock the crocodile’ Here is to the joy of getting grubby in childhood and the freedom to explore and use your imagination
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