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‘Made to be passed on to someone smaller than you’

Using innovative technology and fabrics, The Muddy Puddles team painstakingly perfects each design so that it’s guaranteed to protect children, whatever the weather - even on their wildest excursions!

Every detail is considered. From reflective trims for high visibility on dark winter days, to yank-proof zips for hardy use, as well as adjustable straps, hoods and foot stirrups to keep out the wind and rain.

We understand that parents and carers have to put trust in the quality and safety of the clothing they buy for their little ones. With the help of incredible customer feedback, we’ve developed products that are flawlessly fit for purpose, extremely waterproof, UV protective, highly durable and built to last.

We encourage you to donate your items when they’re outgrown, keeping them out of landfill for as long as possible (see our care guide below). Every garment also carries a one year guarantee.

Recycled materials

Recycled materials

We were one of the first movers on recycled fabric, using materials made from recycled plastic bottles for our EcoSplash range, over 5 years ago. 

Today, 73% of our clothing collection, including all our outerwear, is made from recycled fabrics certified by Global Recycled Standard. By 2025, we aim to make our accessories and wellies recycled too.

PuddleFlex Puddlesuit - approximately 64 plastic bottles

Rainy Day Dungarees - approximately 23 plastic bottles

Ecosplash Jacket - approximately 45 plastic bottles

Non-toxic finishes

Non-toxic finishes

Responding to customer concerns about toxicity in childrens clothing, nearly all of our outerwear garments are finished with a BIONIC-FINISH®ECO fluoride free waterproof coating. The remaining lines - PuddleFlex, Rainy Day and Puffer Jackets - have finishes and trims that meet the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Material innovation

Material innovation

The materials we use in our products are key to their functionality and this lies at the heart of our mission to get children outside in all weathers. Read about our waterproof technology and UV fabrics to find out more.

Caring for your Muddy Puddles clothes

Here are a few tips on how to keep your clothes in good condition:


• Wash your garment at 30 degrees Celsius

• Remember not to use fabric softener as it reduces the effectiveness of the waterproof finish

• Leave the clothes to dry naturally and never dry them with direct heat

• Do not wash inside out

• Do not store damp

• Remove fur trim before washing

• Wash dark colours separately