Make festival flowers & clouds

Make festival flowers & clouds

With Muddy Puddles heading off to The Big Feastival this weekend, we thought we'd share some of our craft DIY ideas with you! Here we bring you festival flowers & clouds! Super simple to make & the perfect way to brighten up your rainy day. See our step by step guide here.

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 Equipment Tissue paper Coloured cardboard Scissors String/twine A stapler/glue  Steps: 1:  Lay your chosen coloured crepe paper out longways. Begin to fold it back and forth in 1 - 1 and a half inch strips, making an accordion fan fold.  This should be your outcome. 2. Cut 2 small slits in the centre of your folded sheets on both sides. Note: Make sure not to cut too far in and cut it in half , or you'll be making 2 small clouds instead of 1 big one!  3. Tie the twine around the slits you have just cut. This holds all the sheets in place.   4. Cut the 4 corners off diagonally on the ends of your sheets.  Note: If making a flower like the blue paper, leave them jagged.  Note: If you want a cloud like the white paper, simply cut and shape the triangular edges into a crescent.This takes a few extra minutes as you can't cut them all at the same time to make the half moon shape, but it gives a great cloud shape effect in the end!  5. Now's the fun part! Delicately spread the accordion fan apart to each side.  It's puffing time! Gently lift each layer of crepe paper, and your cloud or flower will begin to take shape.  6. Tie some twine around the centre so you can hang your new creation. 7. All that's left now is to cut out whatever size raindrops you wish to have from your coloured card. 8. Attach another piece of long twine to staple your raindrops to.  There you have it! It's that simple to make these eye catching & colourful creations! 

Our clouds & flowers adorning will be adorning our stand at The Big Feastival this weekend. Where will you be displaying yours?! Tag us and Share your pics with us on Facebook!

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