10 Activities For October Half Term

10 Activities For October Half Term

October half term is approaching and we’re sure lots of parents out there are looking for fun half term activities to keep their children busy.

We’ve rounded up 10 brilliant half term activities to enjoy with your children. Make this half term an outdoorsy one with Muddy Puddles.

girl wearing muddy puddles waterproof scampsuit

1) Go pumpkin picking

Pumpkin picking is the ultimate autumn activity! Head to the nearest pumpkin patch to pick your very own pumpkins, just in time for Halloween. What better way to combine outdoor fun and Halloween preparations than to head out pumpkin picking this half term?

2) Jump in (muddy) puddles

What’s better than jumping in puddles on a rainy day? The only thing you need is a pair of wellies and a waterproof kids' jacket for your little ones. The winner is the puddle jumper who makes the biggest splash! 

3) Visit a museum

Visiting a museum can also be an outdoor adventure. Plus, it’s great for children as it boosts language development and imagination in a fun way. Pick a museum with a great outdoor space and combine learning new things with an outdoor escapade.

children climbing tree wearing muddy puddles waterproofs

4) Make Halloween crafts

Prepare for Halloween by making some spook-tacular Halloween crafts with your children. There are lots of quick and easy crafts you can make even with the smallest children. Have a fang-tastic time!

5) Play conkers

It’s now or never – get outdoors with your children and collect lots of conkers to play with. Have a look at our top tips for winning at conkers to make sure your conker is the strongest one. You can also turn conkers into lovely crafts – here are our favourite easy conker craft ideas to make with your little ones.

6) Try forest bathing

If you’re looking for a relaxing family activity, why not try forest bathing? The idea is simple – head to the nearest forest and just be in nature, look around and enjoy it.

children holding insects wearing muddy puddles fleeces

7) Climb a tree

Tree climbing is one of the simple pleasures that young adventurers adore. Plus, it’s really good for them. It improves their problem-solving skills and imagination and is great for their physical development.

8) Go on a bug hunt

Let your little explorers dive into the world of the little creepy crawlies and see how many different kinds they can spot. Remember to treat your crawlies with care and set them free once you’ve finished spying on them.

9) Have fun on a family walk

A family walk is always a good idea. If you’re not lucky enough to live close to the woods, head to the nearest park or even go for an urban stroll.

10) Go apple picking

Delicious apples are in season now so hurry before they’re gone. There are lots of places in the UK where you can pick your own apples. You can enjoy them as a healthy snack, but we love turning them into yummy, homemade juice (here’s our ultimate apple juice recipe).

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